Why Take A Shower?

Why “Take a Shower” you ask?  If you ask my kids what my first response for almost any problem they have the answer will be:

“Take a shower!”

I still think it’s excellent advice. Think about it – a shower makes almost anything better. It gives you a new perspective; time to think; it clears your sinuses; cleans your wounds; removes unwanted debris…so many things with such a simple act.

One of the best compliments I ever received was from a high school friend who commented to another friend that my family likes to be together.  That comment brings tears to my eyes because I have fought long and hard, striving for that goal.

I made a lot of choices that are not typical starting with homeschooling the children for their elementary years.  Before you start calling me a saint or any other glowing term, I want to dispel any illusions that I am in any way more patient, kind or sympathetic than the average woman.  I’m not. I’m also not organic; I don’t wear jumpers (add silent scream here) and I don’t bake bread.  Even though I live in the Midwest, I was raised in California, and I don’t have an accent.  I like fashion, laying in the sun, and eating in restaurants.  My children’s pants cover their ankles.

I wanted my children to see, learn and experience life first hand so that they would be well-rounded, open-minded, clear-thinking, interesting adults.  I also get bored easily so I’ve done many things and gone a lot of places with my children in tow. The kids are mostly grown now. My oldest graduated from college and just got married, my second is about to graduate from college, the next is a college sophomore and my babies are in high school.  People seem to like them  – at least that’s what they tell me.

I’ve often been asked to put my experiences in writing. “Take a Shower” is a series of life experiences and lessons I’ve learned while nurturing/molding/prodding/dragging my often kicking and screaming little people into adulthood.

Enjoy and all comments welcome!





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