Over the Hill

Growing up in Sunnyvale, California, “Over the Hill” meant driving over the coastal range on Highway 17 to Santa Cruz.  Now that I am approaching another hill in my life, my memories of my sunny childhood and Santa Cruz bring a huge smile to my face.


Must do on the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk

  1. Forget that you are almost 50.
  2. Grab a big bag of freshly made salt water taffy and check out the crowd from the Sky Ride.
  3. Run for an outside-edge horse on the Merry Go Round so you can grab a ring, throw it in the clown’s mouth and ring the bell.
  4. Keep your hands up the whole time on the Giant Dipper and catch air on the little hills at the end.
  5. Bash some un-suspecting stranger from behind on the Bumper Car Ride and zip away before they see you and you have that awkward moment.
  6. Get a huge ice cream cone and sit in the sand to watch the free show at the Band Stand.
  7. Wash off in the ocean.
  8. Eat a greasy corn dog, dripping with mustard.
  9. Wash off in the ocean.
  10. Wade through the river and duck through the tunnel to the beach on the other side.
  11. See who can walk the longest in the hot sand before running for the water.
  12. Teach your kids to do the same