Mother Road Warrior

DSC00604That’s right, I’m not afraid of a little snow.  I just returned from a harried, slippery, 4-wheel drive jaunt to the High School.

Real clothes?  Who needs them.  I’ve got my kid’s student council sweat shirt,  complete with coffee splash, to keep me warm.  Bedhead? Check.  Bra? For the weak.  Travel coffee mugs are for wimps.

My sixteen-year-old daughter’s assessment of my “First Snowy Day” look?

“Poor White Trash Clown”

Glad the car didn’t break down.


3 thoughts on “Mother Road Warrior

  1. But a very cute trashy clown! You should see what I wore to take my daughter to school, and we don’t even have snow here! haha

  2. Love your spirit and can so identify with driving kids to school in whatever I happen to be wearing after climbing out of bed, guzzling coffee, and slapping lunches together while wishing I could go back to not being a morning person!

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