…and he grew up.

This was my little boy – dirt on the face, shoes on the wrong feet…check out the knees of his pants.

This is the kid who

  • Pooped in the neighbor’s yard.
  • Boo-ed his siblings at a recital.
  • Ran away from home to avoid getting an immunization.
  • Pretended to be special-ed for weeks to get out of math, ending with a call from the school offering him special services.
  • Spit into the wind on an observation tower at Gettysburg National Battlefield, hitting an innocent observer square on the chest.
  • Thinking he was lost, ran screaming through Wal-Mart pushing a kiddie cart, me chasing behind him with my cart, yelling his name.
  • Sneaked down stairs on Christmas Eve to put coal in all our stockings.
  • Locked his brothers shoes in a hotel safe and forgot the combination.
  • Dumped my sister out of a kayak into a cold lake.
  • There’s more – I came up with this list in less than five minutes.

Last Friday, my little boy looked like this.  He successfully walked a beautiful young woman through the high school gymnasium as an emcee spoke of his glowing accomplishments. He actually gave a shout out to me, his mother.

I cried.  I’m still crying.  God is good.


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