The Christmas Mess – A Daddy Tribute

“Daddy, whatcha makin’?”

“Oh, just makin’ a mess.” he said

That little white lie started a family tradition fondly known as “The Christmas Mess”.

The year was 1966.  The asker was three-year-old me; the responder – my Dad.  He was in our garage, hammering, sawing and sanding, creating a gift for my sister and me, a few nights before Christmas.

Every year since then, Dad makes a “Christmas Mess”. The design is always original. The “Mess” is hand-made, from wood and beautifully finished.  Over the years, he has become very official, using brass tags to name the year. He makes a “Mess” every year, for all four of his daughters.  My sisters and I proudly display our “Messes” throughout our homes.  I have given many “Mess” tours for admiring friends.

I wonder what my “Mess” will be this year?  It is my favorite gift and I’m thankful for a “Mess” making Dad who loves his girls.


3 thoughts on “The Christmas Mess – A Daddy Tribute

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